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Vehicle Burglaries: Take ConTRoL! Don't allow yourself to be a victim of vehicle burglaries!

Take ConTRoL!

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of Vehicle Burglaries!

CLEAN it out – remove all valuables from your vehicle

TAKE your keys with you. Don’t leave your car running.

REPORT suspicious activity or persons.

LOCK your doors every time!

Vehicle burglaries are rapidly becoming one of the most common, yet most preventable crimes in northern Nevada.  Vehicle thieves are opportunists. They “shop” in neighborhoods, shopping malls, recreation areas/parks, and more.  Some pull on door handles, looking for an unlocked door while others break in after they “window shop,” looking for electronics, money or valuables that are left in plain view.

Remember, you have ConTRoL! By following these four steps you can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a victim of vehicle theft.

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