Sheriff's Office

Swift Water Safety

Sheriff's Office HASTY and WCSAR team volunteers participate in a three-day Swift Water Rescue Academy every spring to help prepare for potential rescues on rivers such as the Truckee.

Residual impact from winter storms, such as our area experienced in 2016/2017, leaves us with a river that runs deeper, faster and colder than we may be used to. Our volunteers are ready to respond when needed but remind river recreation enthusiasts that there are steps you can take to help increase safety in and around the water.

  • make sure you have the proper gear and clothing for conditions
  • have a communication plan in place case a member of your group gets separated
  • bring along a whistle that can be heard over the sound of rushing water if you need to attract attention
  • make sure someone knows where you plan to enter and exit the river, as well as the time frame you expect to be in the water
  • be wary for debris in the river, and prepare for strong currents and eddies
  • always wear a life jacket or personal flotation device!