Sheriff's Office

Emergency Family Preparedness - Create an Emergency Supply Kit

Creating an emergency supply kit isn't something you need to do all in one day or one week. Over time, you can build up your supplies with the help of your friends and family. Assemble supplies you may need and store them in an easy to carry container such as a backpack or duffle bag.

A Basic Emergency Supply Kit should include:

  • A Battery Powered Radio
  • A Flashlight and extra Batteries
  • A First Aid Kit and prescription medications
  • An extra pair of glasses
  • A Whistle (to call for help)
  • A 3-Day supply of bottled water (one gallon per family member; per day)
  • A 3-Day supply of non-perishable packaged or canned foods and a non-electric can opener and utensils (knives, forks, spoons)
  • A pail with a tight cover
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Matches in a waterproof container
  • Plastic garbage bags, ties and moist towelettes
  • Soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Plain chlorine bleach
  • A list of family physicians and important family medical information
  • Credit cards, cash and extra set of car keys
  • Special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members