Sheriff's Office

Emergency Family Preparedness - Be Prepared for Flood, Winter Storms, Earthquakes and Wildland Fires

Find out where the nearest emergency shelter is located and plan an escape route to that location. Make sure you know:

  • How to turn off electricity, gas and water
  • Check drains and drainage to divert water away from your home
  • To keep away from waterways during heavy rain
  • Not to drive in flooded areas since your vehicle may be stranded or swept away
  • To watch out for washouts, fallen wires, etc.
  • Where your emergency supply kit is
  • You can also build barriers and landscape around your home to reduce or stop floodwaters and mud from entering


  • If you are inside, stay inside. Take cover under a heavy desk or table. Stand under a supported doorway or along an inside wall away from any windows
  • If you are outside, stay there. Stay away from tall buildings, look up and watch for falling objects.
  • If you are in a moving car, safely stop the car and remain inside
  • Know where and how to shut off electricity, gas and water
  • Hold family drills so each member knows what to do
  • Don't put beds or chairs near windows or mirrors
  • Secure heavy items, such as bookcases, to the wall

Take steps to stay safer during a winter storm:

  • Have your home winterized if possible. For example have walls insulated, storm windows installed, and doors weather-stripped
  • If a storm is pending, keep your emergency supply kit and portable radio/television handy
  • Make sure you have enough heating fuel
  • If you lose heat, call for help right away. Until help arrives, dress in layers of loose, lightweight and warm clothing
  • Stay indoors if possible and drive only if necessary

Wildland fires can start and move very quickly.

  • Preparation is key to a successful evacuation.
  • Map out at least two routes out of your neighborhood
  • During a wildfire stay calm and keep family members and pets together
  • Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts made of natural fibers, and boots or sturdy shoes for protection from the heat
  • If evacuation routes are blocked, and you must shelter in place, stay away from windows and move to an interior room or hallway. If the house catches fire you have time to get out