Sheriff's Office

Approved CCW Instructors As of 2021

The following is a list of licensed Washoe County Approved Instructors certified in Concealed Weapons Classes. Each county maintains a list of insrtuctors licensed in their county. For further information regarding licensed instructors in other counties contact the Sheriff's Office in that particular county.
(Last updated 07-30-2020)

Company Name Instructor Name Website Email Address Phone Number
11 Eleven Tactical

Rufino Lorenzo/ Lee Hill/        Michael Donahe/ Gregory Coliten 

0 Armed and Safe Kelly Main / Allan Main / James Smith 775-560-2741
0 Defeat Gregory Ross 775-247-1586
A Gun Safety, CCW & Defensive Training by JC James C. Collins 775-843-9870
All American Firearms Training Clarice Foster/Vernon Foster 775-800-3480
Alpha Machine Gun and Suppressor Lewis Viljoen 775-410-6213
Andelin Armory Daron Andelin

Anthony B. Wojcicki Anthony Wojcicki 775-772-4508
Arms To Bear Security Specialists Kevin Roth/Peter Rucinski



Awareness & Pistol Training Linda Fluekiger 775-813-4730
Bellicose Family Safety Solutions Karen Cose 775-750-8905
Big Daddy's Firearms Training Raymond Sherwood 775-247-3826
Blackbird Tactical Firearms Trng Scott B. Durward / Sandi Bridges 775-846-9398
BNA Arms Brian Brown 775-846-1056
Calvin Chen Calvin Chen 775-750-8082
Clement Weather Chuck Clement 775-813-4310
Concealed and Protected Douglas Fraser 775-425-3255
Concealed Carry Nevada, LLC Keith Chesnut/Kirk Reinschmidt 775-720-2147 / 775-224-8171
Concealed Defense Jose Arellano 775-235-6095
Craig Fougner Firearms Instruction Craig Fougner 775-677-4424
Crucible Consulting Daniel Bales, Jim Davis, Tim Braginton 775-525-0604
Dalhaus Martial Arts Legacy Robert R. Dalhaus, Jr.  Michael Miller 775-232-0890
Danger Prevention Services Kim Olivas 775-771-2083
Defender Firearm Academy Robert Fugate 775-972-3828
Donahe Global Services

Michael Donahe

Elwood's Kenpo & Self Defense Barry S. Elwood 775-746-3792
Family Defense Training Joseph E. Ray 775-342-7974
First Response Safety & Training William Durr 775-475-1966
Freedom Firearms, Inc. Alan Woodburn / Robert Bennett/Larry Holden/Craig Ricketts 775-224-1234 / 775-722-9966
Freedom Rings Firearms Training Academy LLC Sandra Linares

Full Circle Firearms Training, LLC Susan Schwertfeger 775-525-0239
Hindsight 3 Gun Target Systems, LLC Kirk Reinschmidt / Keith Chesnut 775-224-8171
Illumined Arms Jerome Hawkins/ Joseph Sanner/ Donald Latham 775-221-9260
Juggernaut Arms LLC Kevin Marriott 775-358-8130
Ken Franklin Ken Franklin 775-560-9185
Ken Walls Firearms Training Ken Walls 775-846-6357
Lagomarsino's Firearms Institute Inc. Wesley Lagomarsino 209-401-0907
Level 1 Firearms Training Nicki Streb 208-957-6900
Lockwood Gun Training Joel Durden 775-813-8130
Mag Personal Defense, LLC Victor Azul/Jason Lockhart



Nevada Firearms Academy Scott T Catron 775-842-0699
Northern Firearms Instruction Ted Lidie/Kenny Perotti/Joel Giandalia

Northern Nevada Firearms Training Ian Carl 775-434-8775
Parsons Firearm Safety Training Steven Parsons 775-657-1999
Personal Defense Monty R. Turner / Tony Klein / Kerry Skinner /  Mathew Ryssman//Harold Welles/Lisa Reich/George Howard/Chris Frizzell/Lewis Viljoen/ 775-762-0462
RAC Guns & Ammo Rick Collup 775-240-8253
Remote Start Reno LLC Greg Tobin 775-384-4544
Reno Guns and Range Ron Rosa//Terry Naughton/George Wood/Derek Cecil/James Miller/Darren Lore'/Gerald Cope/Marcus Hodges/Mark Covington/Kurt Armbruster/James Owen/Richard King 775-826-2626
Reno Krav Maga Shawn Kovacich 775-247-7985
Safe Shooters Firearms Academy Steven Adams 775-771-0675
Sierra Firearms Academy, LLC Mike Robbins / David Keller/ Pat Lee/Rocky Triplett 775-425-1678
Silver Spur Defensive Firearms Training  Peter Rucinski

Silver Strike Armory Paul Keckley 775-287-0882
SRS Protection Inc James Rita

Tac-Aim Buddy R. Morton/ A. Stormoen/ 775-360-5214
Tactical-Ops Nevada Rick Morello 775-750-1637
Top Shot Firearms and Training LLC Gary Shank 775-737-4644