Administrative Bureau/Administrative Services

Administrative Division

Captain Russell Pedersen
Phone: (775) 328-8751

Lieutenant Michael Bassi
Main Phone: (775) 789-5415

Lieutenant Corey Solferino
Main Phone: (775) 321-4948

The Administrative Division oversees and manages the functions, services and investigations that support all of the operational areas of the agency. This includes dispatch services, conducting backgrounds on all employees, employee training as required by the Nevada Commission on Peace Officer's Standards and Training; training for all employees in support of policies, law and best practices, and training of new recruits at the Northern Nevada Law Enforcement Academy held at the regional Public Safety Training Center. The Administrative Division also oversees research and development of new technology and management concepts, maintenance and trouble shooting of database systems and computer programs, and coordination of  fleet services.


Administrative Services Division

Administrative Services Manager
Main Phone: (775) 328-3033

The Administrative Services Division oversees and manages services provided to the general public in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes or Washoe County Code. This includes Concealed Weapons Permits, civil processes, case requests, work cards, fingerprinting, warrant information and filing of reports, either on-line or at the front desk. This Division also provides services to law enforcement personnel in the field which may include criminal information.


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