Volunteer Opportunities in Detention

Brooke Howard or Perry Leach
(775) 785-4244 or (775) 328-2918

The Sheriff's Office recognizes a responsibility to provide services and guidance to offenders who will be supervised in the area upon their release from the secure jail setting. The primary goals are to promote community safety; help offenders become law-abiding and productive citizens; prevent future victimization by offenders who are returning to our community; and provide supportive services to crime victims.


The Washoe County Sheriff's Office offers a wide range of self-help programs to inmates housed in the Washoe County Detention Facility. Counseling programs provide inmates the opportunity to complete court mandated requirements. Some inmates attend these programs with the goals of self-help and self-improvement. Currently there are six specialized programs being offered: Parenting, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse and Self-Esteem


The Detention Facility offers G.E.D. (General Educational Development) to all inmates. The intent of this program is to assist inmates in preparing to meet educational goals, learn basic life skills and give them the opportunity to learn skills which will improve the prospects of finding employment in the community.


This program helps inmates plan for their future upon released from the Facility. Assistance includes housing, employment, counseling and education opportunities.


The Inmate Chaplain provides a religious ministry to the inmates in the Washoe County Detention Facility through worship services, administration of communion, baptism, religious education and personal counseling. In the event of an emergency situation involving the inmate's family, the chaplain or minister may act as the intermediately for the inmate.

How to Apply

Volunteers for any of the programs above must provide a written curriculum to include program content, names of counselors or volunteers and their qualifications. The program documentation will be reviewed by the Command staff for content and suitability. If the program is approved, all associated volunteers must complete a comprehensive Personal History Statement and undergo a background investigation including criminal history, employment, and personal reference check.

If the volunteers are granted a security clearance, they must attend a one-day training/orientation class every two (2) years.

Interested persons should call Brooke Howard at 785-4244 or Perry Leach at 328-2918. Leave your name, telephone number, program or religious affiliation and your call will be returned.

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