Patrol Division

Patrol Division Commander
Captain Pat Lee
Main Phone (775) 328-3350

The Patrol Division of the Washoe County Sheriff's Office is responsible for all law enforcement duties within the unincorporated area of Washoe County - an area of over 6,700 square miles. Historically, these duties were concentrated primarily around the central core of Reno and Incline Village. However, over the past ten years, the housing market trend has seen the development of large-scale planned communities in areas such as Spanish Springs, Golden Valley, Cold Springs, South Meadows, Pleasant Valley, etc. This trend necessitated a change in how the Patrol Division is organized and where the Patrol units are stationed.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Patrol Division is now divided into two Patrol Districts: the North Patrol District which encompasses all areas north of I-80 up to the Oregon border including the Gerlach-Empire area and the South Patrol District which encompasses all areas south of I-80 to Carson City and includes the North Lake Tahoe communities of Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

The Incline Village Substation is a full-service satellite station, which can provide all necessary law enforcement services to the citizens of Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Incorporated into the Patrol Districts are two specialized units. These units provide operational skills and expertise for unique circumstances.

There are six Citizen Advisory Boards within Washoe County. Each Board is made up of citizens residing in the same general neighborhood area and who share the same problems and concerns. Patrol supervisors periodically attend the normally scheduled meetings in order to interact with local residents, become personally acquainted with residents and to become more aware of the specific concerns and problems within the districts.

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