Sheriff Partners with AlertID - My Neighborhood
to Help Create Safer Communities

Keli Wilson                 
AlertID Founder


The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the online community watch program AlertID to launch an innovative on-line tool that empowers residents with the information that can help protect their neighborhoods and their families.

“AlertID - My Neighborhood” is the latest component of this successful public-private partnership, using the newest online technology to create instant, two-way communications between citizens and federal, state and local authorities.

Through “AlertID - My Neighborhood,” residents have free and immediate access to information on crime, terrorism or natural disasters that can threaten the safety of our families and community.

AlertID is a force multiplier; engaging the public in public safety efforts dramatically increases our effectiveness in preventing and mitigating all levels of crime. By using computer-aided dispatch information, AlertID enables Washoe County residents to log onto a computer program which lists all criminal activity and crime reports in their neighborhood.  They can also receive emails and texts notifying them of a burglary, attempted abduction and other crimes.

By using the unique AlertID system, residents are constantly connected to neighbors, local police and fire departments, as well as federal and state agencies to exchange critical information that can help keep their families and neighborhoods safe, whether the threat is national, local, or personal such as a missing child.

Washoe County residents are the first in the nation to take part in this free neighborhood on-line service, with plans to expand to the rest of the nation in coming months.


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